Alexander great s life and accomplishments

Both armies spent the winter at the Phrygian capital of Gordium. Alexander appointed the general Antipater as regent and headed for Persia with his army. He did not treat the family of his opponent as a conqueror and as a mighty king would treat enslaved subjects.

Overbye wrote that the Ottomans were not interested in sciences and Dr. One event took place at Hydaspes which devastated Alexander: Petersburg Children of Alexander I of Russia. The army was not Panhellenic but essentially Macedonian, led by a Macedonian king, and the expedition quickly became the royal Macedonian's personal campaign for aggrandizement and empire.

But before he could pursue his enemy into Persia, he needed to control the seas and the coastal territories of Phoenicia, Palestine, and Egypt to secure his chain of supply. His advisors quietly discussed the options at length.

Following fierce fighting and heavy losses on both sides, Darius fled and was assassinated by his own troops.

At Corinth in the autumn of Alexander renewed the treaties with the member states. Droysen, in his book, Geschichte Alexanders des Grossen [The History of Alexander the Great], wrote that when Darius was informed that the Macedonian king showed every respect toward his captive family and that the dead Stateira was buried with all honors fit for a queen, he raised his arms toward the sky saying, "If I return as a conqueror I want to be able to return Alexander's kindness during my family's misfortune, and if we cease ruling may the gods intervene so no other than Alexander should occupy the throne of Persia.

From this moment the French alliance was for Alexander also not a fraternal agreement to rule the world, but an affair of pure policy.

Alexander the Great and Hellenism

At Issus the two kings met in battle. But in an age when there were no antibiotics, any minor illness could prove fatal. However, I would be envious of Diogenes' simplicity. He realised that in Napoleon sentiment never got the better of reason, that as a matter of fact he had never intended his proposed "grand enterprise" seriously, and had only used it to preoccupy the mind of the Tsar while he consolidated his own power in Central Europe.

Alexander the Great Achievements?

He did, however, maintain his position of leader of the Corinthian League toward the Greek ambassadors. But when it comes to capturing the popular imagination, they can't hold a candle to Alexander the Great. In Hellenistic art and literature, this alienation expressed itself in a rejection of the collective demos and an emphasis on the individual.

Further Reading The most thorough study of Alexander, and perhaps the most accurate interpretation, is Ulrich Wilcken, Alexander the Great ; trans.

Alexander arrested 13 of their leaders and executed them. The Russian army, undefeated in spite of the heavy losses, was able to withdraw the following day, leaving the French without the decisive victory Napoleon sought.

Without the support of his army, Alexander had no choice but to turn back and begin consolidating and organizing his far-flung empire. Alexander's sister was born the following year, and the two children grew up at the royal court in Pella.

In the matter of the French alliance he knew himself to be practically isolated in Russia, and he declared that he could not sacrifice the interest of his people and empire to his affection for Napoleon.

What was Alexander the Great's personal life like?

Alexander put his vigor and bravery on display, and his cavalry decimated the Band of Thebes. Partly to test his sincerity, Napoleon sent an almost peremptory request for the hand of the grand-duchess Anna Pavlovnathe tsar's youngest sister.

Since his paternal grandmother, Eurydice, was an Illyrian, Alexander was barely Macedonian in blood but clearly so in temperament. This goal could be satisfied by a film supported by true historic veracity, rather than imaginary or profiteering scripts, aiming to humiliate Alexander whom the passing of time has indeed respected.

Alexander then headed south and easily took the city of Sardes. Going Downhill Nevertheless, when Hephaestion died, Alexander was consumed by grief. The Coalition forces, divided into three groups, entered northeastern France in January His wife died a few months later as the emperor's body was transported to Saint Petersburg for the funeral.

This could result not only in insulting nations conquered by Alexander, but it would also offend the faithful of other great religions. The campaign of Jena and the battle of Eylau followed; and Napoleon, though still intent on the Russian alliance, stirred up Poles, Turks and Persians to break the obstinacy of the Tsar.

All went well until they came within striking distance of the Tyrians. Macedon, which existed roughly where the modern country of Macedonia lies today, was a kingdom located that lay geographically north of the Greek city-states.

Sources Alexander the Great. Instead of making heavy terms, he offered to the chastened autocrat his alliance, and a partnership in his glory.

Throughout Greece independence movements arose. His two brothers disputed who would become tsar—each wanted the other to become tsar.

Apr 07,  · William Shakespeare once wrote that some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.

In many ways, Alexander III of Macedon falls into all three of those in the year BC to the king of Macedon, Philip II, Alexander the Great spent much of his childhood learning to be a Resolved.

Alexander in Hindsight. Alexander the Great's legacy is both far reaching and profound. First, his father was able to unite the Greek city-states, and Alexander destroyed the Persian Empire forever.

Alexander the Great The story of Alexander the Great is one of courage, genius, and great accomplishment; but it is also somewhat of a bittersweet one, ending with his tragic death during the prime of his life, at thirty-two/5(5).

Check your understanding of Alexander the Great and his life accomplishments using this quiz and worksheet.

Make studying easy for the quiz by. Alexander is commonly known as “Alexander the Great” for all the great things he was able to accomplish in his life, and is mostly recognized by this name.

Alexander the Great

Alexander was born to be great, as he would go to inherit a great military built by his father Phillip II. Alexander's reign is famous in Russian history and is called the "era of great reforms." Alexander as a young man Alexander II, the oldest son of Emperor Nicholas I (–), was born in Moscow, Russia, on April 17,

Alexander great s life and accomplishments
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Alexander The Great Timeline